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In a world where social media interactions reign supreme, we’re excited to partner with Tonya Reiman and have her share the potential that comes with powering down devices, and what it takes to leave a lasting in-person impression,” said Jennifer Bremner, Skin Cleansing Brand Building Director, Unilever.

“With a society that runs on the convenience of touch technology, Caress is proud to be the brand that brought touch-activated fragrance to the body wash aisle.

Learn to read your partner and make the right moves!

One of the most useful books on body language I have found actually comes from my fellow PT Blogger Joe Navarro.

“Every single [previous] handshake I’ve watched - and I’ve watched them all - he’s the one who wants to be the dominant force [and] literally makes you lose your footing," she told the She suggested Mr Trump was wary of appearing "chummy" with the Russian President, amid ongoing investigations into claims Moscow interfered in the US Presidential election to his benefit.

"From what was swirling around, he doesn’t want to give Americans the wrong impression and he doesn’t want to give the world the wrong impression,” she added.

Putin, than it was with other world leaders, according to body language experts who have analysed his meetings with other world leaders.

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Mr Trump's first meeting with the Russian President at the G20 summit attracted intense scrutiny against a backdrop of allegations that Moscow meddled with the US election.

According to Navarro (2008), body language behaviors are guided by very primitive parts of our brain - called the limbic system.

Understanding how someone feels about you romantically can be a challenge, especially if you are just getting to know each other.

The pair briefly shook hands for a second time at a media photo call, when the US President leaned back in his seat and refrained from pulling Mr Putin towards him.

Tonya Reiman, author of the book , described Mr Trump's manner as "completely different" from his encounters with other leaders.

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