Peavey amp dating

Not as good as a tube amp, but really close, and I was able to clean up the signal just like a tube amp by turning down the guitar volume knob. I've tried a lot of amps in my time, and especially solid state, and they typically sound digital to me after using tube amps since the 70's. I mean it wasn't exactly like my old tube amps I've owned, but close! Tim Hey, my favorite practice amp I use to own was a peavey bandit, that thing sounded great.

I do remember it having a switch on there for vintage,high gain and modern voicings.

you can pick up an xxl combo or head for cheap, or just about any other transtube for cheap.

I think they do get overlooked in favor of amps like line 6 spyders and also i think the vyper line will be the death of the transtube series I totally agree..

In the 2000s, overdrive and distortion has become an integral part of many styles of electric guitar playing, ranging from , but other instruments produce a wider frequency range and need a suitable amplifier and full-range speaker system.

The amplifier head or "amp head" contains the electronic circuitry constituting the preamp, built-in effects processing, and the power amplifier.The tone stages may also have electronic effects such as There are two configurations of guitar amplifiers: combination ("combo") amplifiers, which include an amplifier and one or more speakers in a wooden cabinet; and the standalone amplifier (often called a "head" or "amp head"), which does not include a speaker, but rather passes the signal to a or "cab".Guitar amplifiers range in price and quality from small, low-powered practice amplifiers, designed for students, which sell for less than USD, to expensive amplifiers which are custom-made for professional musicians and can cost thousands of dollars.produced distortion effects by connecting the already distorted output of one amplifier into the input of another.Later, most guitar amps were provided with preamplifier distortion controls, and "fuzz boxes" and other effects units were engineered to safely and reliably produce these sounds.

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