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Countries observing Daylight Saving Time will be marked with a (DST).

Note: Micronesia is spread across two time zones, both 10 and 11 ahead of UTC.

During certain times Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Samoa switch to Daylight Saving Time.

UN Women’s Fiji Multi-Country Office (MCO) works with governments and civil society organisations across 14 Pacific Island countries and territories to address this imbalance, empower women and build more inclusive societies.

To do this, the MCO works through four key programmes: Women from Silae Vanua and Marobe Tanvasoko Market Vendor Associations (MVA) welcomed Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls, Dr Sharman Stone, as she unveiled new office equipment for the Silae Vanua MVA.

Total privacy and a pristine environment is only a few hours away.

Honiara receives direct flights from Brisbane Australia and other Pacific Countries like Fiji, Vanuata and New Guinea.

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