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Vermont Commission on Women Seeks to help women and their families gain access to the rights, privileges, and resources needed to live in justice, dignity, freedom, equality, and economic security.

Vermont Judiciary Vermont Judiciary home page, includes links for Court Calendars and Court Forms.

Aedan Buchanan, a Burlington resident who identifies as a trans male, won't be going to Mister Sister if it opens with that name.

"If you want to claim that your bar is inclusive to every member of the LGBTQ community, but you want to ignore the voices of the 'T' in that acronym, that's not inclusivity," Buchanan said.

But as word of the name spread, the happy glow faded.

The debate opened a rift in the LGBTQ community partly because the owner of the proposed bar, Craig Mc Gaughan, is a gay man who has so far refused to change the planned name or meet with the leader of the Pride Center.

Mc Gaughan announced Friday on Facebook that he would close his wine bar at 45 Main Street, Oak45, on Tuesday and would then reopen soon as the area's only gay bar. "The LGBT community in Vermont has been missing a place to call our own and through luck, a lot of support and hard work, we have the space to offer that," Mc Gaughan wrote.

Linda Milne (Chair), Lynn Dickinson (Vice-Chair), Church Hindes, Karen Luneau, Michael Pieciak Shavonna Bent, Janette Bombardier, Jim Masland (Vice-Chair), Lynn Dickinson, Karen Luneau, Aly Richards (Chair) Martha O’Connor (Chair), Tim Jerman, Karen Luneau, Linda Milne Church Hindes (Chair), Chris Macfarlane (Vice-Chair), Jerry Diamond, Tim Jerman, Bill Lippert, Linda Milne, Michael Pieciak Jerry Diamond (Chair), Karen Luneau (Vice-Chair), Lynn Dickinson, Church Hindes, Tim Jerman, Aly Richards Shavonna Bent is a senior at Johnson State College majoring in Biology.

She is the president of the Vermont State Colleges Student Association and the president of the Johnson State College Student Government Association, having previously served as its vice president and secretary.

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